Sunday, April 22, 2007

Nesting relegation

how pretending got in the way of milk drinking
how candles burned at both ends drilled down through untold layers of salt
how filling station readers galled up along the roadside and stuck out their thumbs
how venice and paris collided in the hallway two hours after sharing a meal with rome
how cars deak and leak oil in questioning the authority doped at them by fanny mae
how breathing in and out gives regional bouyant ragdolls their hair of yarn
how mac and cheese cabbages reel in big fish sam for the frying pan
how linda leaps in collagen wrist rocket spittoon while relagating forms of dust on the moon
how so we went and so we came unlike our urban talking game
how does that liver bleed so sweetly underneath the tree gone to apple, bird and bee

Friday, April 20, 2007

Bring back lumpy

writing on this blog has taken a back seat to life, work, travel, other forms of creative writing, catching up on empty-head time, taking nothingness seriously, bartering theological craving for doodles in the stairwell, coming home, bursting at the seams, all hail the veil of whale, google supposition, mercurial vanishing and reappearing, dawn of the white stag, a laugh under the elms, snapping turtle soup dished up for grieving girls on ballister boulevard, help is on the whey, noodle kugel with kosher salt baked just right on a sunday night, how does she do it!

the hinges between our 2 doors stay busy and well-lubricated, a construction project worthy of engineering awards, drenched in rain or refilled with biodiesel, the squashy ride cowling virtual birthright until all dawn breaks loose, girth of samson, mondicum of pleasure, melatonin whipsmart valentine going 7 rounds with mindy palentina, the darling of western caligraphic fashion and woe, beating your tom toms for the organgrinder, that chain, that cup and dance, all sent around the world in 3 seconds to return, once again, to the top of the wall.