Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vegetable frame

doing by wrench what thought will never accomplish, taking aim at waste, giving it a spin-cycle newness, grappling host mastered for all to see, nobility reduced to richard kimball hair jobs on vacant hollywood lot in february downpour, got that right foley index standard cranking roadworthy tunnel-dodging verichrome bipolar jet engine dragnet parachute cabincruiser held together with tooth pick wimbledon net rejects stretched endlessly around voice-over gargling listerine germ killing pack horses, oh yea well yea well that's what he said when he said it but when he actually did something about it it fell flat on its face like somnambulist pancake dredged in oil tracking valentine rugroller plagued by entertaining links to flea market welding class futurist clockwinders dancing through midnight while the bells toll for thee.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Quick fan step belief

only neurons compel durable goods finesse toward black & tan deep water rig funnel spilling 3 days off-loaded caravaggio knew who went when going was tough tommy gun slinger done experimental fondue tackle distinguished mustache perching coral ribcage vanishing how less more feeling giggler dents in hood from hailstorm mary mystical trances live through these stormy seas accomplished nothing yet folded laundry twice as fast under croatian direction i know i know you knew who went when going was tough tommy gun slinger quick fan step belief in random horserace drum luck kit grunge reaping once sown cobain hat jacket shirt all for sale on ebay

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Swim constituent

where blood runs laughing, come jump into oversize rudiments, why did naughty billionaire dine alone again, where bird eggs crumble in hand, juice to bargain with, her laughter begs attention beyond a chair in wild dreaming, seven loops of feedback in chorus make waves beyond third-floor dining area, lets all sit for seven minutes alongside our windows, beyond river lashing boats to docks, where wonders swim, rise to surface alongside constituent hooks, trade this long day for tall boots intentionally forced outside wall, realms of orange, red river camping ground, pine forest blends into satellite image, that duck certainly knows which direction to go, alongside grain and reed, where blood runs laughing.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Peanut territorial

from the back halls, seated, arms crossed, legs willing

personality heralded between pillow-long marsh coopersmith

hoopie doo, peanut territorial

bouncing ideas into traffic without rollerskates

united in wings, pigeon exhibitionist going the vole

bet he you we makes rank when jesus come a floating down

telling on the mountain, blowing trumpet, clashing steel

out from the ground in salty shell

spread across the bar room floor in a midwest storm

i heal with thy heel, i feel the weight of your foot

between my shoulder blades, that curve i now see

in mirrors, a new view of the vehicle

down from the stars to witness this game of chance

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fairchild determination

why provide new methods of telling your story to millionaires, that rock-worn carpet tripped over and over, verses piled high against your raging barn, dimples of light on carmel backdrop, how we perform this comedic classic will play out, stay out too late tonight, that sleep we missed, that dream unremembered, its fissures mountain deep, climber lost with rope descending, icepicks grind to a halt and buckle thermostatic tumble, soar and fumble, no new flights will be scheduled, tents taken down before morning, godwalk ferns, spider ample terminals, this end down, these endings loud and clipped, break me over your edge, i'm willing.

Monday, October 15, 2007

So trained, laugh now

help me tweeze those confines, slivers curating new long lines, gallery walk first thursday forest cracking mud trail foaming wilted flowers as hope combs curry, drags polished tines through disarray, this meal, these surfaces we touch together so cool and warm, melting parfait layers turning tongue to lemon brown, that movie tales of blood, war, comedy relative to tragedy, blades whirl, time flys dance into sleep, four joyous posts suspending our supine stretch, all quiet, so trained we laugh our dreams into holy water, poured into a bedside glass.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Eventides wall intersection

thermal registration along mental frames
the click of glass on steel trading time-prints for abalone shell
ringlets telecaster bent orange twelve-o-clock divebomb
pickling-juice earnings, take these cobwebs from my eyes

eventides wall intersection
globular kevin dynasty all wishes panned
tell them ovens now bake you conversation piece
cake dousing more than enough caper jelly

with territorial view on crafty legs
moaning cribworm lollygagging the old pine tree
lonestar vacuum did the logs fill your palace, oh storyteller
given up for less than perfect sardine necklaces

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Daily practice

art, magic, kindness, loving temperament, the mask of zorro, training the eye to follow the hand, gross telemetrix, ascribing to one worn plate of glass whose edges no longer cut the face of a photograph, grasp longer strands or straws or camus stem curry, duke it out with me on filigree street, press those hands toward the center of balance, corruption treating yonder wiggle as worms would have it, every day taking those 5 minutes alone to frame all possibilities, carry them along on the winding breath, solo craft, destination core.