Thursday, December 27, 2007


it is getting late, the year slips into its nightshirt, its biodegradable coffin shaped like a slipper, the stars smile down and the river flows, a yawning canyon awaits, trails of glory in jetstreams of light, then the new birth, a bursting forth of energy, promises are made. i will more directly advocate for the safety and support of my children. i will ask for help more often. i will sing and dance with my hands entwined with others as well as standing solo in the lights. i will laugh and help others to laugh. i will be generous and kind to all. i will do some creative writing in this blog every day. i will not strive for perfection, rather celebrate my humanness and that quality of nature that allows for learning, changing, growing, hurting and healing. i will love and allow others to love me without putting up walls of false protection. i will pray more fervently my gratitude for all life has given me on life's terms every day.