Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Jordanaire viscosity

"Havoc -1 Colavecchia-Fish 2210470 Lidia 2210504 twin 2210538 assortment 2210556 infact 2210566 Altnco 2210576 Slip -1 Anchor -1 Holy 2210586 Grail 2210604 cooks 2210622 impressions 2210632 Clearwater 2210678 Shimmer 2210688 Toyswood 2210730 Autumngold 2210748 Tiggy 2210758 Winkle 2210800 Paprika 2210842 Goody 2210860 Tiptoes 2210894" (the cavalier club uk)

when oil in hair comes dancing through the air, on shaking rock and roll delivery, when you're batting rouge through expressions on your shoes, will that blue suede song be shivery

when its all the same and somebody calls your name, breaking strings of hearts like a boomerang, when eclipses wink from a moonrise on the pink, will your mossy bones meet a chain gang

when releases rain from a garden full of pain, building choirs of angels infinitely, when our love completes its apollo to the sheets, will the king sing a lullaby politely

Monday, July 21, 2008

Courtesy call

i don't believe you anymore

i will not receive your opinions or "facts"

they go into the spam folder of my life

you have proven to be a liar, a coward and a thief

totally unaware and unrepentant

that's a bad combination

and you get away with it by being offensive

many people put up with you

not me, not anymore

"A "courtesy call" previously was seen as a polite phone call meant to welcome someone to the neighborhood or to thank someone for their valued business. However, now-a-days with so many telemarketers calling home phone lines and starting off with, "Good evening, Mr. Smith, this is a courtesy call from __", these calls are seen more as a disturbance than a nice gesture."

(source: netlingo.com)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Dog whinney blimp

(From Publishers Weekly) "Baynes's primitive black-and-white illustrations in the style of prehistoric cave drawings are simple and evocative. However, the story of the way in which wild wolves evolved as ancestors of today's domesticated dogs is a little far-reaching: wolves forage at the campfires of early man, hoping for scraps; a tribe's children find an orphaned cub and tame it; the grown wolf performs heroic feats, protecting and aiding the tribe with fierce loyalty. For all his feats, the tribe makes him a god, but he hangs his head and turns around, embarrassed by the honor. And so, they turn the word god around and call the wolf "Dog." This is written in a straight narrative that seems almost drily factual; it doesn't match the mythic or oral tradition of storytelling suggested by the drawings. Ages 5-9. Copyright 1987 Reed Business Information, Inc."

make sounds, make food, transcribe verses, wallow in words, fly overhead but slowly, talk like a horse, eat like a man, prescribe drugs for your ten gallon hat, take a slow curve to the left, mark my worms, don't hogtie the hog until the tiedye is dry, beef up, boogie down, lock up your hair for the umpteenth time when it scribbles goodbye on the mirror, bill me later, plan the seeds of awakening in my salad, google it or lose it, one stroll over the line sweet jesus, did my puppy chow choice of illuminations break some wavering light across this stable of fortune, oh mantle of recognition, come over me with plastic ears on wednesday having lunch at my desk, bleat bleat bleat from the street street street, hoedown motown roasty toasty bumble stumble fido hiho bigamy figatree capulet snapubet orange doorhinge.