Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Brainstorm vole

in a short nights sleep reconstitution happens, morning bath by candlelight, pockets fill with required items for the day, keys, more keys, motorcycle keys, wallet, checkbook, gate remote, reading glasses, and i also pack up walker's suit, shoes, and kore's dress for a motorcycle ride. its not a scramble, not an egg, now is now and fission voles break ground lebam belief system drumming down the shaman path, cyanotic skyround full moon pilferfund, dipping souls, dampening this pugetsound aircanal, language breathing moisture into newplants whose tender roots were repositioned, like 'a lone ambassador' (from lyrics for "lead time", a yet-to-be effectively recorded tune from the mid-90's) lunch today with mr robinson, call from dave e, all roads leading to familycone, icecreamstation, barnaclebill frequency on radio of hope.

Crank Up the Volume
Written by fester225 the 13 Mar 08 at 17:09. Category: Hardware support. Related to: Nothing/Others. New
When using Amarok, Rhythm Box, or any other Ubuntu based music program, the volume comes out at about a third of what it did when operating under the vole. Turning up the volume controls all the way on-screen as well as on the physical speakers produces less than adequate volume. Please turn up the volume from the sound cards.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Periwinkle soybean

"Cytokinin treatment of periwinkle callus cultures increased the accumulation of a protein, designated T1, in two-dimensional separated protein extracts. The first 30 NH2-terminal amino acids were determined by Edman degradation and showed significant sequence homology with intracellular pathogenesis-related (IPR) plant proteins and the Bet v 1 allergen family. The deduced amino acid sequence of cDNAs coding for T1, isolated by RT-PCR and 5 RACE-PCR, exhibited an average sequence identity of 40% with both IPR and Bet v 1-related allergens. T1 and all related proteins contained a p-loop motif typically found in nucleotide-binding proteins as the most conserved sequence feature. Northern blot analysis showed that cytokinin treatment of periwinkle callus induced T1 transcripts, whereas addition of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid inhibited this accumulation. Hybridization of genomic periwinkle DNA with the T1 cDNA suggested that the protein is encoded by a single-copy gene. Immunoblot studies with a panel of Bet v 1-specific antibodies and sera from Bet v 1 allergic individuals identified T1 as a protein that is immunologically distinct from the Bet v 1 allergen family and has no allergenic properties." ( Springer. Part of Springer Science+Business Media )

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