Monday, October 27, 2008

Oblong validation

"Inductive coin validation system and payphone using it: A coin validation arrangement, usable for example in pay telephones, uses one or more inductive sensors (17) having a small effective magnetic field so that the inductive sensor (17) responds only to the material of a strip across the coin. Preferably a plurality of inductive sensors (17) are used, mounted at different heights above the floor (23) of the coin guide, at different positions along the coin path. At each position along the coin path there may be either one or a plurality of inductive sensors (17). Preferably the inductive sensors (17) are surface mount inductors on a printed circuit board which forms part of one wall (19) of the coin guide. Such arrangements are particularly useful for recognising coins having an outer ring made of a different material from the central disc, and for distinguishing such coins from uniform composition coins." (Free Patents Online)
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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Zim zam zoom

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"One of the sweetest sets ever cut by organist Ron Levy -- and a record that's done very much in the mode of the older Prestige soul jazz and jazz funk that first inspired his work! Of course, that relation to Prestige is no surprise -- given that Ron's working here with Melvin Sparks on guitar and Idris Muhammad on drums -- who both help give the record a feel that's a lot more classic than you might expect for the date. But the real star of the set is Levy, whose clean, lean lines on the Hammond B-3 recall the early genius of Charles Earland at its best! Titles include "Zim Zam Zoom", "Lost Tribes", "Sons Of Abraham", "Last Go Round", "Silver Cannonball", and "Lonely Avenue". (DustyGroove newsletter)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Nuptial cornrow

"In India, wedding festivities, laced with arduous cultural rituals, are indispensable to the nuptial itself. So the phrase “weddings are made in Heaven and celebrated in India” is not an overstatement. The nation’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, might have seeded that cultural microbe when he heaved his wedding celebration in 1916 for six weeks. In West Africa, the Mandingo ethnic group is notorious for its elaborate wedding pageantry that sometime takes years of planning, which culminates into days of festivities and cultural rites." (Robert V. Sesay 2005)

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