Friday, November 21, 2008

Somnambulist breeze

"(all of The king of somnambulists demands more and better moons, no other writeups in this node) (idea) by "etouffee">etouffee (18.3 hr) Sat Jul 10 2004 at 20:20:12
There are a multitude of windows upstairs Some half open and filled with blue moonlight. Others shaded with apathetic drapes. Walking down the hallway he is apt to bump into paintings on the walls. Oblivious to art appreciation. It is also not unusual for him to leave the kitchen light on after fixing a snack, but it is strange for him to take a knife back to bed afterwards. There is no use in asking him directly, because he never talks in his sleep." (etoufee on

when i was a beggar moving between lovers, nodding off at the sound of goodbye, trading drainage applications for white noise generator cavalier blessings, a duty of nerves, cauldron boiling wishes understated when navel academia ventriloquist rationalization caught on zipper descending staircase brancusi offering, dipped in gold, magnificent regalia helping gull spit craft shell shock drop pavement oyster leach drift wayward, into sea out of bed a bitter melon telling all my head to split and spill, scattering spear-shaped seeds through corridors of apprehension, milk that gift or heft goat skin lapels through fashionable conversations, writing on wall or drawing dark horizons within simplicity, my notions wilt in excessive heat by driving late-night opportunity into early morning front seat montana mountain sleep.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

And rain

tell yourself again, what scent lies ahead, my hay or theater curtains, once a banana - always a vegetarian dish, beer now, what television is this, and on the seventh wristwatch hands were laid at rest, not that again, devil is in the retails, as goes avgolemono - so goes opossum, sacking krill went kurps to spill, down by the liver I bought my daisy, diner won't you snow - diner won't you snow - diner won't you snow your corn, thick as a snickers, rants in your stance, penny and the bets, four snore and sentence fears are low, our bother - who's art is kevin - haul the wood free by train - my kiddie's thumb - why spill the rum - on birth anise fizz eleven.

"Veteran filmmaker Barry Levinson (who gave us "Good Morning Vietnam" and "Rain Man" as well as the sci-fi botch "Sphere" and the Ben Stiller-Jack Black comedy you never heart of, "Envy") could write a book about the vagaries of Hollywood. Instead, he has filmed another droll movieland memoir, producer Art Linson's "What Just Happened?"
The movie, starring Robert De Niro as a producer juggling familial and creative crises, with Sean Penn and Bruce Willis playing satirical variants of themselves, is the latest in a long-running Hollywood tradition of cheeky glimpses behind the industry's red velvet curtain. " (Colin Covert, Star Tribune, Minneapolis)