Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Arizona dew furniture

"DEW Office Furniture offers a great selection of quality office and seating solutions at low discounted prices. We carry a large inventory of chairs, stools, and now office furniture that are in stock and ready to ship. Browse through our wide selection of office furniture suites or customize your own desk to fit your specific needs. Finish your office with a matching conference table, reception station, or a high quality leather executive chair." (DEW Office Furniture website)

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Fantail alexie

it says in the bi laws
of your sanctity
that my tuneful expression
of absolute design
compares all your shadows
to tongue-waggin' ladders
make turn-around an aggregate
of composition scuttlebutt
orion, horizon, dentition of my soul
are you listening
to an oboe
piercing through the orchestration
in a haunting celebration
of those long lost days
when did you see her
on the palisade
taller columns around her
are they roman are they greek
true moss growing fervor
a telemetric server
in due respect the lawn was wrecked
with skidmarks from your wagontrain
a seagull, so regal, expression newly full
are you listening
to an oboe

"We negotiated the curves down from the Suicide Cliff, and went further downhill until we reached La Fiesta and then we turned left, went uphill and sped toward the direction of the tank. As we got closer, the tank appeared like a space ship looming large. Then we turned right and went farther uphill, driving along a paved road with thick grass encroaching on it. After 15 minutes of non-stop driving and mowing down the tall grass, we reached the place — Laderan Tangke." (By Alexie Villegas Zotomayor, Marianas Variety, Fro Nov 10, 2006)