Thursday, January 29, 2009

Zebra mash

he did the
he did the
messin' with you
messin' with you
purple alligator
purple alligator
i'm in here
i'm in here
you gotta walk that line
talk that shimmer shine
make it like a
break it like a
zebra zee-e-e-e-ba-a-ra
you turn it
you turn it
peggin it through
peggin it through
moses on the mountain
moses on the mountain
you gotta walk that line
talk that shimmer shine
make it like a
break it like a
zebra zee-e-e-e-ba-a-ra

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Nettles will

palomino formless antiquity
darwin roots mechanical distance
lost in forest sponge and toil
entertain her wilting
simple tips in shading
melt appliance wander fun
delicate amber wrinkle
gals and guys behavior
ornate bubble approval
guesswork domination laugh
in pinto rhizome
casting dice foil reaches
garden of jane
dilettante gregarious apple
hint of western salt
impede licensure dogmatic
rung over handing philharmonic
this plaque gaps
crates oblique homosapien
nettles will originate

Monday, January 26, 2009

Railing helm purgatory

Betty simple turn around devouring hours of time
your hands are tied when economic challenges
describe you well and train inspector vanishings
Our father knows about a multiplier destiny
horizons smoking with an opportunity you all behave the same
our corkscrew simulation raises an awareness
of the spoils, wars are fought and promises of peace
determine which release will hit top 40
don't mark my words up on your wall until tomorrow
straight wheels will borrow tracks to roll in
on the sea you have to hold in your aggression
no confession will suffice until you've been here once or twice
a stroll in your shoes impressive debuts
all the star power keeps a candle in the window
in person life is so much larger than the movie made it seem
grass is greener it would organize your efforts
to be wild awhile today
let the corners of your imagination play

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Boxing rent habit

Li-la-li in the clearing
evidence your day is nearing
make that mark upon your face
to hold your chin up, let the laces
on your boots describe a shadow
you are opening
to the world
like a flowering explosion
from the corner
dripping wet with guarded mouth
and slipping into gloves of leather
on your feet as light as feather
but you hit him hard
you hit him terribly
a lamp of mercy shines above
your gaze is locked into the love of
mercy killing
blood is spilling on the mat
you haven't wept too long
about selected memories
to know that this will be the day
you are opening
to the world
like a flowering explosion
from the corner
helping out that charity
florescent glowing smoke and mirrors
cameras flashing when
you hit him again
and every seat becomes a stand
you have them eating from you hand
you are a winner
winning for those children who
believe in miracles
a combination and a jab
were all you needed, all you had

(basic tracks recorded August 12, 2009)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Siempre duality

twin survives technical fall in fencing match, a combination jab treating each individual leaf as quintessential tree, married vocation not angry with bolted metal ceiling fan, swallowed the birdsong until help arrives, meticulous grooming fortune hunter gobble, mystery turkey plays operational dance card on left-handed doll, make miracles happen down pillowy street worn at heel, garden whiplash, ended up just like his dad.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Gaps melodrama peatmoss

long pans, turning lens, bashful personage, implicit relation, down fog, open homer, diligent recluse, pill wrestler, neutral melt, operatic virgo, plead acumen, believe helper, on constitution, gorilla waltz, donut empty, burden sense, intermediate hog, big world, plaque demon, sitting walgreen, maximum wrench, toad aperitif, skeletal dump, elf farmland, nelly vole, partition occupancy, melon hump, deer koolaid, sincere garbanzo, blood master.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Matriculation dill winter

his refreshing seed
durable absolution
blinking awareness
focused on your silence
being wheeled around
some hallway, some rail
matriculation swords
cold holding cold
a cup of wine
hens scratch back
dill and chamomile
performing dances
out of snow
flattened then flowering
undisturbed passers by
sand swept to side
young universe
beetles taking over
a blended call
who who who
caw caw caw

(basic tracks recorded June 4, 2009)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Darwin voiceover

Order descent acrimony tuna personable decibel
Attempted mudra beknownst carbon belly flop
Hetrovirus megatwist pelican mint lovable
Extra hoop dishes intravenous argon hippie
Nest density regain earnest bicycle clock
Heaven anteater gymnastic parallel hobnob
Elucidation element gibbon mercurial blessing
This message is for you, are you reading?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Purpose errant longhouse

My shaman drum is quiet, no dark solo journey for awhile,
Rather dancing in community light, acknowledging the void,
Bending my body through channels, around your arms, your back,
Perhaps lifting you up on my hip, telling smiles, remembering to breathe,
All in all these conversations blend well with polished river stone,
Wooden instruments for beating down barriers into that world,
Climbing down with confidence through roots and soil,
Meeting those allies who specified how to release and unwind old wounds,
Saying hello again, asking that perfectly-worded question,
Huge space in barn filling with voice, banjo accompaniment.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Volunteer pleistocene

hibble and hyde dance moves corrected by falling under bus
telling mystery not to rationalize virgin hypotheses
but now long held canopy recitations blaze new trails to turnover filling
melted oblong distractions mercilessly when head over heels whaling was finished
black atom programming its delicious mr vicious
help contour hillside garden ragamuffin ventricle on ever-expanding wormhole
beast hip cabinet vitamin bird-in-hand matriculation of pebble beach