Thursday, March 26, 2009

Interest vacation bolster

regulations dim delight
halls of mirrors in the night
winter wasted all your eggs
a million miles of misbehavior
up in smoke just like a toaster
interest vacation bolster

planned your mothers lost your dads
feeling angry feeling sad
no precision in this art
a course in greedy sonsabitches
driving buses into ditches
interest vacation riches

who knew
got your guru
in your pension
there's a stench in here
nothing far and nothing near
its a joke
up in smoke
just like a toaster

frakin lack of trackin assets
from the valley to the peak
be this fairly obsolete
finance caves below my feet
its a fryer not a roaster
interest vacation bolster

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Excerpts" album nearly completed

over the past 6 years i have made recordings here and there, some home recordings, some studio and some live. Since last may i have been collecting and editing enough pieces for an album titled "Excerpts". it continues the pattern of combining a variety of styles similar to "Crow" from 2002: blending folk songs with electro-acoustic trance-driven improvisations, and some very electrified guitar using a deer jawbone as a 'bow' to create percussive and overtone sounds.

i will be starting recording of new material with, most likely, Steve Boyce who was the engineer and sound advisor as well as adding some tasty bass and guitar lines on 1991's "Sons & Daughters" album. the past 12+ posts have been potential lyric ideas for this new recording project.

both of these older albums, as well as "Excerpts" will be available for electronic download through iTunes, Amazon, and 50+ other sources later this year. my goal is to complete the new album by the end of 2009 as well.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hilltop burning solo

oh we wander felled in regions hand
voices peeling off each mirror
going door to door elliptical decision
helena nash talked about you once again
in a dream last night
or at least i think it was her voice
beside the envelope of music
where have the years gone alissa
has someone turned your head toward
a northern solution to your lonesome wilds

that sign becoming your protection
painted high above the roadway
belly full and going nowhere after january cold
moxie fruvous told the restless gale
to wind down or be counted as a sales pitch
naturally bending low a branch is broken in the rail ditch
where have the years gone alissa
has someone turned your head toward
a northern solution to your lonesome wilds

how courage won the day from boredom
nodding off behind the wheel
is not an option for a singer like you
editing each line before our modest dream
explodes in saturated colors
onto the scene where dudes are walking
i saw you family cast in orange
and over breakfast they were talking
where have the years gone alissa
has someone turned your head toward
a northern solution to your lonesome wilds

(revised 6/15/09, basic tracks recorded 7/16/09)

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Enter pomona blister

pour it up
be still my beating heart
i need a vacation
in my car
you show me what you want
and giving forever

whowhat you seek
so good to meet you
here on the seat
thisomething special
more appetite
more satisfaction
here on the seat
thispecial action

mocking bird
bowled over 20 pins
across the migration
marsh of law
tune into universal
ruth ginsberg bader

intoxic rant
its only natural
employment river
you see me happy
we curry favor
out on the beach
where is the sailor
pomona blister
voice on the roof
calling your sister