Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dressing industrial herd

(conceived in April, born in August)

the duty of a man is to orchestrate his parentage delivery, produce the aristocracy, make important tunes to sell on television, grab a headline wrestle down the sheet and sail again.

his only recognizable existence bells and whistles as the pig is greased and running through the streets, impossible to take the helm without an extra arm, this and he shall do no harm.

and stuffed with dressing the industrial in sequence follows herd and breeds insurgence on a dividend unsatisfactorily, how did the chips fall on a sea of swimming turtles, let them be.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sonora calabash

agrarian reformation packaged attributes vocal militant duty
that which murky research voluntarily strikes down talented worm
placard hint dirty salmon waterdown hunt implied aspirations palate
intersection still pills nathalie columbine verses opened skunk cabbage
signoria absolute nearsighted capillary volume that hair ill-advised
dustbowl champion testing benefits out random milkrun tennis courts
heaving basement misery over-qualified uptown vanishing dharma

Friday, April 10, 2009

Barry bury

his noble nose cold in between the leaves and folds of ground, summer leaving in the wind and mercy pouring forth the sound, and sentient pads of feet once restless take their pause beneath the soil, fundamental education for the children's grief we toil. bells are silent, forest wild beside the apple tree today, nesting walker with his shovel and the sod removed to stay the hand of parsons rain, a stump is bleeding open forging pale, never let those growling memories invoke that wagging springtime tail, where he waits and speaks his greeting like a geyser by the stream, making most of joy companionship come visit in a dream.