Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Delicata intuition

wine stop, all around you a garden shop based in calligraphy, a long expansion, an endless sea, turned toward one flaming shot of love, telling everyone who has touched your anatomy, down this spine comes wheels and gears of stand-alone receptive telegraphing pulse and lather, if the scrub has tumbled over some illusion we were hoarding our delicious delicata, superseding every wonderful endearment on a pinhead written punctually before midnight grinds your intuition up inside a mortar, heaven help those comic geysers with each personal attack, open up the burlap, feed into correspondence although she never wrote a letter to your muse, attention deficit on borderline established town and country produce fortune obligatory mercy, national guitar and laps to sit in when your child defends his splitting personality, i know your song belongs to me and will you sing it, will your wings beneath our arching storm be spread as non-aggression born of pleading amber, tents set up along the river, campfire stones protecting pine needle forest floor from setting off, tree as witness, perfect estuary hamper laughing geode natural coin, police you plates which state are you in, where those rivers run, take the squash and beans to plant out on plain.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Animal wrought

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hand wrestle fondue

there comes a time like small wine-soaked cubes of feta presented on a plate with dark olives carving thin air with scent of salt, an ocean flavor cabinet-level determination given to sipping state, all around messing vertigo garden sympathies indelicate habitation dawn flipping open wings, three course red bands escaping light raven holding cup afternoon example, turn to page often witnessed downing escovar fin neckline cramp ode to willing apple furniture devon placebo hemingway, small landing strip copies volumes of wrong moisture directional microphone vendor tassels helping out natalie when dance driven spore heathen temples burst open, whereby someone missed you standing downstairs curious smile post swim funtime belly underneath not much and then upstairs even more, taken all into this moment but wondering never ceases to amaze those what if camera notch belt tommy zone digger felt hat marriage honda pillage, in twain sacrilege variance detrimental horticulture vanish sow plug toothless misty grabber.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Paste making woe

iffy my kitty begins fairly open time with misty, did you up the nooky it my cookie was imperfect, tank around the supper with a puppy not engulfed, help this fillmore elements is bents and where did money wents, oh baily hummer on impecable gone beach summer filly digging in a sand, hold with little micky shovel burning rubble in her handy, that why we will wiggle so impish not bespeckled tummy elf comanche friend of dining river, best you get that skittle noggin working overtime for diddy compensation at did station, hippy commune fuggy waters dill impassioned wriggle froggy estuary oily call me.