Thursday, July 08, 2010

Candyapple head

our museum of inequity resides gently between 3 arms of the algonquin hotel river bursting with anticipation surrounding this announcement "thou shalt not harbor seals of wanton effervescence between champagne lips and obvious references to hunter s thompson literature s.a. rolling stone matriculation how now brown cow deference magic johnny depp fantasia walt disney burgeoning fatuous impossible links to your own hair job. it planted itself between several operationalshorelink habitation variants just in tome to make shift randle radical pessimism contradictions, why why not why when why never can no cannot version 1 steak house montana virtuoso where have you gone me rubber buddy in an unrecognizable bathtub acronym, pause here for reflection my sweet animal chewing on caramel teeth sinking deep into sugar falling over in reckless fascination for all things carnival, how diddly do you lil' passion pit of tender love bites, come on now gently into this goodnight with a grassy ass of phantasmagorical versioning unlike any magazine cover story printed since 1962.