Tuesday, December 14, 2010

this opportunity twitch

imperishable vanity, a crack of sometime always, blushing to the toes and heels of manifesting mollys, how bankers box with regal stoic onward upward blessing, it takes a village more or less than copper special guessing, you did you did you silly kid and then you did it always, you do you do you pretty fool and how you do it always

the ducks regained advantage on a pond we skipped a stone on and went to bed with sup and bread combined and greened in folon, the spurs of cowboy attributes keep digging through the wreckage of mud and sand, oh give the man his horse to dressage, you have you hold you comic gold and then you sold my pollen, you fly you fly in perfect sky and sometimes when you've fallen

this sleeping curse is woken downtown madrigals are blasting, a play forms on some simple stage where crazy ferns are casting, each shadows edge is curly wedges angles drops and twinkles expand along this furtive ground with salt and sugar sprinkles, you won you won my sturdy son you won the day by singing, you dance you dance my feathers lance and shield for all he's bringing