Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Interwoven through mirror crack open consternation
this month the writers block their piles and pile their blocks;
ply their craft and create no wordless days as pages play on.
Pay on pay decrease voice immeasurable relief at night when unruly time
hits hurts comes apart bursts throws down voices over more than ever,
I am the rover.

"There is a crack in everything" says Mr. Cohen, and of course it is true;
melons crack open to spill their supplement of nourishment across your belly.
Tuneful moaning cracks open the silence stifling your passion until you scream to me,
"More!" and so I offer in this moment that small section of orange in addition to all
that I can possibly give, letting the impossible slide through the crack in my tongue.

How do we break ourselves when fluid only bends and so much water,
so little substance and so much silence carve a canyon of recklessness through our lives.
Taste that fruit of weaponry, kick into gear that harley of hooliganism as a test,
a testament to how wide and weighty the elephant foot of love can be.
"Thank you friends for your kind attention, we will return in a few short moments."