Monday, February 24, 2014

Oblong moon

Those squirrels, engorged with winter's nuts and seeds
Banished from a hollow leg of stump by flooding, an ant's
Paradise, drowned before the true beginning of Spring.

Likened to oblong Moon on surface of left handed pond
Orchestrating an appetite for dipping long oars of sentimentality
Throughout an empty evening of intrigue without satisfaction.

Oranges take flight downward in a rampage, sucking out your juice
Those plates depending full score outages in power struggle reckoning
Devoured in massive Wild ornithopter as a wind up wing grazes the sky.

Distance and nearness voice opposition on square of concrete molding
Packed crowd shivers in drizzle and gust, dipping their hands into each other's pockets
While morning develops an image and fixes it with exactly the correct level of Mercury.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Frida is making dinner

Fir tree Fred says Frida is ready
Matching up the organs and wanting to go steady
Barn tickle tremor when the wind outside is howling
Spread across her waist the hot intense revolving

Your door establishes my sky of vertical reckoning
Manitoba wrestle deep in pie like all respect leaving
Massive undertaking to see each others image as an artifact
You be me come one to you be every day an ape attack

Internal wishes bled throughout the moment we connected
It was and is a wish to follow up and be respected
We can share an intimacy portraiture adventure
Danno checkin in with McGarret on the shores of Hanalekekta

Blanketing our images with paint and paper layers
Down into reflections through our mirrors
Versions of Dear Spanish Moss in gratitude I list this
Interspersed significance of brushes dipped in water

Trotsky was your lover