Thursday, June 18, 2009

Apricot walkby disappearance

caramel hovering snowblind diffidence longacre saddlesore mystique tambourine
i don't know where to go i don't know what you mean
panasaurus kibblestar ventilicious kiddiecar iffy tiffy all alone and waiting on the hootaphone
i don't know where to go i don't know what you mean
black and white red and green apricot embellishment vignette haircut polish off the scene
i don't know where to go i don't know what you mean
burgeoning alarmawake vigilante walkby taking elemental seams and tearing open summer
i don't know where to go i don't know what you mean
collard implications ripple openly as simple windows close and open like a rose
i don't know where to go i don't know what you mean
kissing disappearance advertising holes and voices bend to eloquent distraction
i don't know where to go i don't know what you mean
intermittent automatic desperation common static electricity accumulates in heady seas
i don't know where to go i don't know what you mean

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Went camping birdwater

that alley cracks window, sullen picadillo, merry apprehension, virtual detention, complicated supposition all around me ammunition, pick it up and fire, pick it up and shoot, pick it up and take away the net around the hoop, amortization raffle, gonna make you travel, operation scrabble, tell a tale and tattle, periscope beneath a polar appetite a common solar, work it down and push, work it with your tush, work it down to tokyo and slap it in the bush, in philly there's a filly, kinda cute and silly, messin' don't you kill me, robin don't you bill me, personal examination pacing up and down the station, take it out of town, take it to the ground, take it to the camera and don't forget the sound, opera caption, cyberpunk reaction, destiny apartment, sliding down escarpment, vanish international a posse with a wheel, make it on the subway, make it over there, make it to the combination quartered with a square.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Indeed barnstorming

insist on the killside, bennies on the hillside
doing what you want to an impersonable font
merciful exclusion when encased in an illusion
gelaphone intelligence attuned with solid evidence
bonnie johnnie lifted on the lawnie
did you do it with a mission in mind, did you open up
dance around me now in loud pajamas hefted up toward your chin
palliate disorganized crime, never telling what you know
i was out in the street alone and waiting for the blow
someone kept me away but now forever is a cabinet display
taste that chaste imperfect silo composition leaving holes throughout your wisdom
whaling orders falling short along a beach in window stalingrad
oh shave that jackie oracle in celebration, dance around me now
help secure expensive ambergris essentials, round and round
round and round, dance around me now in your stern associations
bled relentlessly on portuguese vacations, doing time with david c
my gods deliver when the flower eats the bee
sandwich board expressions during randy hearst impressions
dance around yourself like mirror sondheim gillnet artifacts
blades arrested loudly driven into backwood barbecue, my pride
entertainer grassy knoll the single bullet theory of my soul
i knew you once upon a riddle not a rhyme
dance around me now in perfect landau boots discovered
parking lot bravado dented fenders shiny avocado
whistling her favorite beguiling torrid afternoon delight
i saw you standing there between a raft of morning shaft of night
willing statue cleaned up in this rainy correspondence
elevator bondesolange redirected cassavetes lock and key
where did andy warhol candidates fall open two one three
dance around me now and dancing pale moon embrace this summer

Monday, June 01, 2009

Personage stallion

mock synthesis pandora rapping sugar tree campout rusty indignation drummer acting surface shavings distance louder vacuum misrepresented hollywood gerbil vasectomy garden happy dawn ruleset pumping bee-soaked urbanization mystery philodendren necktie showstopper melt cursive ginger hypersonic gold pasadena temple deuteronomy flimsy gel norris geyeser dimple surrogate zip tartar lithuanian nets playdough polywinkle jiggle grease monkey antwerp haybailer telephone willcall diamond logging efforts grief latitude kneestocking olympian nursery blended ostrich value crafting hand-written jimmy carcinogenic zookeeper plated hamburg verichrome muscle