Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dandelion antipathy

on the bus, weaving traffic patterns, light reflections all around our sorrow
we escaped into this conversation
based in new militia, my cult status growing stale, impending marriage
that was tomorrow
and then your parents took my wings apart and set them in the window
like dandelion seeds they flew into my shameful meadow
translucence giving out those details when confidence fell silent
it was 1975, those invitations to the party
all dressed in red and black, and starting up discussion groups on socialism
all i wanted was to know you, hold you somewhat at my level
take your ivory tower down and take another bus to another town
reinvent that conversation and your head upon my shoulder
we were children who so smugly knew much better what the world should have to offer
then the war broke out, i saw you several evenings in a room
upon that arm of that known quantity, the poison you held out to me
our cups were never empty, letters written then not sent, a dandelion antipathy
cops and robbers, sons and daughters, boys and angels, jewish fables
mercenaries, januaries, apple blossoms, all are gone and not forgotten
it was your name that drew me in as much as anything
the darkest eyes i'd ever seen and so intelligent
more than winter wheat in towers, steel construction for the flowers
bellicose and never stumbling, at the restaurant our fumbling words and touching fingers
mirrored all those noises that your father made behind his perfect glasses
nothing more to say, it was an era we both flew to pieces
where you used to be i know i was and now the present tense
is so relaxed and there is nothing but the letters and the saxophone
your overseas excursions and the millionth night alone
and what a field of stars to walk through
(basic tracks recorded August 6, 2009)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Metricious pencil somnambulist

interactive media discrimination, the hollow leg of reason burns whole tavern dissertations down through reflecting mirrors, the grasshopper of my memory on some south dakota sidewalk unburdened by life, this calculating exquisite notion leaps forward into sign post galvanized sleep-walking, hordes of anglosaxon registered nurse bun weavers tangled throughout the sea netting, theirs are octopus theories to be reckoned with, melville turban hornet nest registration pencils, moby dick dirges on the head of a pin, how now brown cow kid gloves come off in fighting ventilation, my grandmother sits at the piano, eyes closed, singing a hymn to ward off those detrimental childhood wanderings that plague me, the boxer across the street just bit my eye, i will not sleep tonight without looking beneath the bed, and if woken up by some unearthly sound may all souls blend together in sumptuous mass, helping each other through mirrors of destiny, carving our names into the tree outside your realm of hope.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Carhop volcano

if candy were the conciliatory avenue, beating wings of bat torrid afternoon, then mistaken cakes would offer themselves through oversized windows, blasted frosting ice cream absolutions across thumb street, dorito fusion coping saw impersonation gobble dee gook, have sun will travel across bursting skies off key dentistry, rinse composition antigua urinary time travel with sidebars galore, roller skating wait hopping vanity release by root beer common dream, up in smoke resourceful tuna caper sandwich making wrist rocket holograms, katrina dragging down the coast her dogleg variations, bach crowning imperceptible head of state with golden golliwogs of visionary excellence, mossy banquet drawn down into hot lava complex, these apartments are going for cheap today, come on in and sign up for a free pony.