Monday, December 28, 2009

Effervescent gobble

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Tremble helicopter

(lyrics from 1975)

"I've gone the way of my father the lion; he takes his days one by one in the jungle; summer-colored hair reflecting sun; who is this within my body now running to the call of the lion?" (v1 of The Lion)

we kept after it and after it and you are now behind me trembling my wrists circle my elbows circle my hips circle and tremble like helicopter levitation conversation our bodies running circles around each others message correspondence delivery dance dance dance it all happens on the floor no other window to this particular physical world dance circle tremble shake elevate blood flow river flood application of dressing to wound healed margins erased non profit status secured marigolds harvested to seed new beds commissioned delivered cradled head arms lap mooring throughlines navigational traces of sweat taste salt water blood coming home coming home coming home.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

Boron fealty

oh how doth mine abernathy tabersomething violin digression piece together melon chomps with your obsession, ant clothing lifter click on older chevy 1966 evolution now gives way to quieter ride and less pollution, enthralled expanded axes taking down this forest on polo horseback dimming quiet lights then trading cards and going solo, metal terrific sacrificial leggings torn from knee to ankle bragging out along the waterside that melodious timbre-driven strings vibrate stretched tight across fresh elk hides, our cranes bow simply down where frogs swim slowly moving targets shadow water green and glowing imperceptible to them this beak of hunger still and sharp and knowing, loud tolstoy boomboom graduation elephants preen tenderly beneath a big top tent and reel around crouping clown invigorated by salesman shiny with hardstones liniment, not a month goes by without writing at least once about my eggy pans and spinach soups but here is evidence that sometimes raininghorse forgets to say whats on his mind whoops.