Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mink forestation

in speciality blood reason burns through camping time, loud hammers trim branch dividian suppositions down to size, curving mouth whistles through canyonland sleeves, cops beg mission bell campesinos to breathe through estuary terabyte focus group pencils, mormon circumstances dish up heaping fur lined bowls of forestation, a long time ago my grandfather taught me how to fly fish, some day that huge rock where the mink lived on spring creek will fall down with a big splash, but for now that terror of running through tall grass with pole in hand and hissing, spitting sleek shiny viscous mink chasing me, backwoods anterior grub look no further mandolin arbitrary sunglass wounds, making opal voice tumble exquisite agate pass apple cores through screenshot anthems, turn up beet, turn up beet, got your hound dog crying quitter busted all along this gutter, however bison crawl up muddy mounds our coyote skin wilts flowers to badland sunshine holograms.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Catscanner beeline

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tremuse voltairiffic

expequisite tangerificate, la fantasmarecognizable versiasion du marrier e vanquisheau
et becilement danse sonagrafique ministrele en divielcarem sac mon lengue

exquisite tangerine signs, the glorious recognition of poetry married to defeat
and draining off dances of the holographic singer whose tongue is in the devil's pocket

Friday, February 05, 2010

Downwind rollercoaster

you wrote your last name first, playing off the widow's peak refrigeration mountain climb, got wrong data thrust into your inbox tapestry.

he knows your heart dance because sounds drifting downwind from your rollercoaster somnambulance find comfort in those receptors of oregon grape, pieces of eight corresponding apologetically to who you were when you were thirsty, times hunger fans exposition discomfort wreath balloon harvest across dusty tracks in clouds of amber varnish.

how still we see thee light formless passion during lost handfuls of earth that irish ballad screams, too tight on this corner too fast falling placards dashed, held up with numbers, gritting teeth lashes blinking visible healthy coming home from logan utah arsenal as political salt dries on skin forming new layers, taste that acorn blackwatch if mommy doesn't rescue miraculous blades against chipping bone of reason.

hold your name last first talent rubbing down my back insolvent duty, hills buried economically further testified god holler ask this now we pray for giving receiving gratitude, forgiveness relaxation hands together through narnia toadstool effervescence tan delight.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Ordinary crest

when your markings startled my imagination, requiring me to trace their origins through papal variegation's drains opened ruthlessly in night vocal hollowing, dresses held up to reveal those boots climbing steadily that gentle calf curve bloomingdale minnesota correspondence trail, all was not lost upon mire garish decks dealt randy hearst-style for reservation rosebud oligarchy hemlock cups on lips of blue descent, his tiller gobbling residential architecture palindromes downtown affirmations having clung to mothers torrid skirt as dragging dolls release, no purchases after hours for pleasing pipsqueak gnarl in picadilly circus squaredance hoops calling ordinary crest falling over when seven notes collide, exquisite gender army brat capillary vocation wounding elephant rider pleases your mother more carefully toward all souls danger bunny happenstance, don't your respiratory volume dealerships cascade overwhelming debt down waterfall bing cherry dimple headstone relish harmonic collard greens.