Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Original skin

Your ruling class apothecary varnish
tampers with solitude, washes down
starch fandango, arithmetic jangles.
Or - is corn too well bred all over this
great nation of ours, beheaded knight
cresting waves, holding candles in a
winter storm until bees take over my
good golly. Best not to fiddle little of
arson-budding because Spring is yet
to melt his icy heart, commoner tin-
star destiny keeps marching spurs in
spit and polish for next year's crop.
Darn tangle hippy girl pushing walk
side to side got me going again, its a
habit constrained within geometric
vestiges stain driven, martial shield
tuning fork gone to heaven as long
as death keeps whipping up a song.

Warn his majesty about coming on
too strong with us small fry batty
coke-drinking hybolores. You new
kids crank up engineering dipsticks
faster than Johnny says go - and I
form opinions differently based on
rational gold standard mistakes it
takes or bakes, you silly snakes. My
vole commander, back in town re-
milking kiss and tell persnickety do
done dilly, how furry can one oblong
port commissioner get? Tongue or a
snag list dapper snapper in creepy-
time sauce, if you pay they will play.
Honorary workers became wrathful
yesterday afternoon when a lapize
lapel law passed quietly through our
hallways of injustice, taking more of
their insignificant wages away. Mom
said there would be days like these.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

TV is killing us

directly through the brain comes a bullet sound and spin counter-attack vitriolic burning hell woven across village idiot reconnoiter go palin go beck go limbaugh go tell it on the mountain how holy and christian you are how brilliant and clever you are you wordsmiths with drivel cresting like tidal damage bleating sheep in tow doing gods dirty work are you making light of dark grief are you pulling out pieces of tooth from your victims your 9 year old victims your passionate dedicated reasonable play by the rules victims putting themselves out on the street to listen listen make some effort to help their neighbors while out along the airwaves we pay for this we provide these airwaves these radio and tv dance hall mercenary groping overpaid thug wingers pushing pablum sound bite choking brain choking discourse clogging sewer mouth corporate suits ballerina vacation dill weed our taxes laying the grid propping up motionless holding head wound saying no more but there will be more and more we die each day a little with many many commercial interruptions and who will stand up when quiet suffocation of intelligence gowned gloved surgically scrubbed i often wandered as a child through rough and rocky regions when did my falling weeping go unnoticed when did my hollow point handgun ratchet up to vilify assassinate populate this media church of scum pointed roses mashing logs and megawatts in temporal disarray gleaning hard times ahead hard times a wasting wasting country being dragged across arizona motivation hyenas dung and laughter dung and laughter

Monday, January 03, 2011

Parsnip darling

in some mayo calendar referential wheel dragging design, your arms get wrapped in salamander twine, doses taken explicitly for half of wheat duration make one thirsty for a derby and vacation.

long ago how driven devils pasted up on telephone poles notices of their rock and roll shows, had you not my travels drummed in some other compendium voice my world-long effervescence could have dusted off my joyce.

how simply then peach chin drip guzzle flattens little pug with parsnip muzzle, his digging done and brothers sisters tucking in to blankets woven tightly round economy of skin.

new eyes to see this daytime drama looking somehow sunnier than destitute while emptying pockets in his 25 cent suit, your organs ground and wound around the solitude no health could whisper horses forming call it dude.