Monday, February 23, 2009

Cathode royale

doo doo doo
a beepie beepie beepie
doo doo doo
a sleepy sleepy sleepy
ray gun sam
he caught you off your guard
the ways of old
are lost and gone forever
doo doo doo
a beepie beepie beepie
don't you know
that peristaltic action
go down slow
and take a pound of peaches
doo doo doo
a beepie beepie beepie
fair untwine
a catastrophic tango
bell in town
intelligence accrual
doo doo doo
a beepie beepie beepie

Friday, February 20, 2009

Alpine barstool

O capa leaning on a france
you got me dealing in to make
a politician
o corazon in calculation
going nowhere
operationally blank

into me high land
into me high stones
into me small trees
into me effervescent springs

growing turnips
dealing omniscient card
a lot of dishes
you tipping over in the yard
it takes a long time
intake available designer
and walk away into the alpine

appellate bar stool
apple in toxic
upended attic
a pterodactyl in the spring

who souparama
so kelly appetite decide
it calling over
you never knew it never why
it pointed out now
vestibula antriago
devil mission
milking opportunity

i know you go there
i know you lost me
i know you so well
i know you costing everything

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Filling station grandmother

she left alberta long before
the summer heat applied its locust passion
and trekking where the greenery
became a drinking gourd formality
onto mossy rocks we go
with a notebook and a ruler
to describe in multiple perspective
that which only her employer could believe
bended willow carving wind today
along a bank that's slipping with the flood
a bridge you need has washed away
there is no choice but to return
to your ancestry
and plug the chord into the socket
mass transit computations will relieve
your roots are showing now
the upper midwest tan lines bared
the tin of braces on the stairs
this railway lion roars your name
it is the duty as a lover
to be crested beaked and flutter
at the sound of summer crackling
like a fire
until you wire home your report
there's nothing left to do
no one renting you
work a month or so by cleaning windows
on the cars you fill with drafts antiquity
maybe sell a can of soda
toward a radical key
lets unlock that door together
when her merchant gloves come off
on the road back to alberta

Friday, February 13, 2009

Gin tactic gracias

a barrel of monkey
looking for a gun
the retribution
opening your hand
make a motion
somebody objects
opening the sand
you will be swallowed
hole in the desert
campus interview
financial wunderkind
exploding shoe
mercy on the inside
opening your hand
stopping traffic
where is the axis
uptown duty
voracious appetite
mike and ike deal
tony lama boots
tell me always
what you're thinking
mail delivery
black and white tv
opening your hand
electric oven
taking temperature
with a glove

Monday, February 09, 2009

Wildebeest pale infraction

home to your effortless chain
in calculations he abandons you
turning off the highway robbery
effective two degrees
compulsion sets him free
on a wildebeest, imagine
you're a carrot top, the flag is
burning high above america
in fervent apprehension
of the dare you never take
the war on drugs a piece of cake
your sugar intake an infraction
along the palms align reactions
oh wildebeest, follow on
cape and hammer, chord the song
on your fretboard elemental
park that lincoln continental
belfry warning signs
bats are hitting square defines
morgan held his hand out to you
will you celebrate
burning high above chicago
such a reprobate
its in the can, this documentary
starring helena and her silent sister
come back to the rain again
i miss your smiling winsome blue
and giving voice to opposition
leaning back into the wall
i smell your fingers
life will never start again
lets melt the refuge
order up a cup of rice
so pale against the night
this was unplanned but no surprise
he heard you calling and your eyes
a lamp of twisted sweetgrass
Wildebeest along the shore
so out of place
inside your face

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Down with it

accomplishment television corporeal vanish copper
place on the elevator carageenan apoplexy
nellie on the tellie with a jewel in her belly
like it is down with it like it is down with it like it is
down with it
melotron evaluation paris france incorporation
duty free misty eyes palomino raininghorse
raining in your eyes with a tear and a promise
like it is down with it like it is down with it like it is
down with it
hoping for a chance take a chance you were hoping for
a castle in the sky in the sky you were reaching for
the rockets the rockets blowing out your pockets
like it is down with it like it is down with it like it is
down with it
plastic well enough to abrogate intelligence
illusionary vision copper kettle in the kitchen
what you know what you want to what you want to know you know
like it is down with it like it is down with it like it is
down with it