Thursday, January 28, 2010

Andalusian periwinkle

whenever the bluenote evidence wrings stamen fertilization decadence through rollers of hair soft downy flowing behind ears common soft needing to be cleaned restless hands touching hems of lily turbulence vast reaches of sand and sea grasses trampled by andalusian horse my raining feet fall around you in dance we seat ourselves across from each other making small whiny throat gesticulations your periwinkle eyes spark my bit is clenched and loosened in one movement falling from my raininghorse mouth tempting three bachelor button blue chivalry compositions over edge of standing water by portugese bay smelling salts train track rover combinations flooding through at high tide ominous tutelage my son weeping after meeting his fingers non-specific warts appearing turning larger with each passing day oh restless youth we made this horse our wedding gift because nothing larger would fit inside the box of rain

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hair explosion marshmallow

fabulous poodles think pink punky's dilemma i wish i was a kellogg's cornflake sterile cuckoo peel the tomato coogans bluff pigeon toed orange peel nancy sinatra these boots are made for walkin cure jumping someone else's train incredible string band hedgehog song danny thomas twenty one months two years and seven days corporal clegg had a wooden leg : a ,m wrung telis$$ precursor boot ^^^ dip*i*k sommore fantangle henterhinter -)pol#111! sply gt47
my tender distraction winds itself tightly into curving shadows, some quiet evening sound through open window held like current of electric breath, a bond between song, enunciation, sand castle, whodunnit, capsized dreamboat pushing diligence across desktop application, he know nothing more concrete than salamander speaking prophecy, driven dusty highway orchestration en salvo tanqueray mosaic china follicle air speckle boing boing hoop

words take fire browning every surface perfectly into mouth explode yes

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Sell fish

across the street from china, merry widow waltz vagina, belly fuller by the hour, crested plume and gilded flower, saw you there your conversation building trills in adulation for my simple mind expansion up her staircase inner mansion, lettuce colleagues peaches folton begging for the lava molten flowing down in smoky river take me now i will deliver take me now i will deliver take me now i will deliver

mortars crafted stone and scribbled words upon my chin where dribbles form and tenderly descending started slowly never ending swirl encapsulated venom tricky songs we segregate them out along the highway holy exposition dealing souly periscopes and comic wrinkles dusting time with golden sprinkles flowing down in smoky river take me now i will deliver take me now i will deliver take me now i will deliver

enter foliage peering curious at hidden bird while furious mother marches in behind you takes a peck to try to blind you were you hungry were you marching to the cavern with your parching throat exposed and all a flutter pass the apple pass the butter spread it all across your fingers let me touch you i'm a singer flowing down in smoky river take me now i will deliver take me now i will deliver