Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"Dreams are necessary to life"

happy new year everyone! happiness runs deep for me this day, and i anticipate it will continue to throughout the year - and for the rest of my life. through some miracle of grace the gift of understanding how precious each moment of each day is was delivered into my hands last year and has become the foundation of my existence. being present in this state of gratitude continues to connect me further and further into love, joy, compassion, hope, celebration, recognition of how small, simple decisions i make throughout each day have a powerful accumulative effect on the major themes of life - love, art, home, family, health, wealth.

virginia gave me a beautiful silver moon with this quote by anais nin inscribed. it sits on my desk at my fingertips to remind me that the work i do (including this writing) sends out energy that fuels my deepest dreams, and that all of my dreams can come true if i stay true to them, to myself, to my god. blessings for this day.


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