Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Blanket of white

an intimate reshuffling of the four directions
brought down your blanket of white
strewn onto the floor with extra pillows
as you arranged yourself on a burgundy towel
jane eyre set aside
software completed
the altar food consumed
or was that after
i forget sometimes the order of details
but remember the details
in all of my senses

there is a writer who used to write about sex
at the weekly
it was not her strongest work
i ran into her at a gallery about 7 months ago
prior to when you and i figured out that our lives
were on a trajectory of miraculous love
i thought of her today
not a rain check or a what if
or even a who knows in sight
more in reference to your facile mind
i'm excited to see how you communicate
on the page, and think
all of those cards are pointing in that direction


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