Thursday, January 11, 2007

Five times five

some inseperable dance follows registration hallway down down down
placing tips of fingers where soft lines converge
holding open each rite of passage to trickle through plains of cotton
welding love to sleep, a congregation turning towards impressionalbe voltage
in common with emollient virtue, bouncing so small, almost imperceptible
helping up, brace the foot against the wall
keep the heater on, you understand
snow is creating elaborate patterns by filling plank and cornice to wither
apples to apples
sublte twist and possible invitation
my position suggests the firmament will open
clasping like a toy and testing for doneness
rest is allowed to sweep forward in her gossamer skirt
along the ridge of shoulder, dimpled downy belly
masks fall away as dream shudders lay waste to
that stabbing five times five


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