Friday, January 05, 2007

Chain of grace around our bed

graham nash when with the hollies sang "hey carrie ann" and "tell me to my face", and on his first solo album sang "i used to be a king" and "simple man".

magic reappearance of lost earring reminds me of "where is your magic disappearing..." (from "hey carrie ann"), which daisychains into "tell me to my face you're leaving now..." and the story you told of the visitation, yet another bridge between us of experience, one that i would like to talk with you more about.

the other 2 songs connect from the conversation i had earlier in the evening with dave; how i see when things are going so well in my life that in some small way i will begin to try to undermine myself, and that talking about it in a group or with gene, dave, jesus, and others i have the opportunity to step back from that familiar slide, the muddy track into the river, see where it leads, offer myself a choice.

stopped for gas this morning, the van was not smashed into in the middle of the night, driving tenderly and with gratitude, boy do i need to do laundry.

back touch, chocolate mouth, tea delivery, heater repair, sipping sageleaf, ready for this evening's dance and the weekend. glad to be alive in this moment.


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